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Bay Area, CA, USA

Lead fullstack software engineer, RoR and JS specialist with strong design, UX, testing, mentoring, and project management chops. Comfortable as lead dev on a project, wearing all of the hats, or individual contributor on a team.

Happily employed at Wilderness Travel as engineering lead on our Portal project (react/rails), and senior contributor and mentor on our other code bases and systems. I am open to entrepreneurial side-collaborations that match my interests. Reach out!

On the Org side of things I'm interested in team leadership, management, building effective processes, non-violent communication, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, mentoring, and deep understanding of business value.

On the Build side, I'm comfortable from icon to iron. I craft attractive & tested applications & systems. I have specialized enough to produce quality products at a respectable speed on my own. I've diversified enough to have learned the enduring principles of software design, and to acquire new toolsets with confidence and grace. I've studied enough to have a working knowledge of most major languages and frameworks in use today. I've collaborated enough to know what types of work environments I thrive in and types of collaborators I thrive with. I've lived enough to know that life is too short to work too much.

For 15 years as a freelancer I worked to become a sharpshooter, honing a toolset to quickly produce custom apps for private clients. In the last 10 years I focused on Javascript, Ruby, Rails, and UX design. My current frontend preference is react/redux. With a previous employer I worked in Ember/Rails on a large agile team. I've built a React/Redux a Chrome extension for Mandarin learners called Chinese Console. I've have several active entrepreneurial projects that generate passive income and have taught me about running small businesses.

I have developed in PHP, Java, Python, and even Perl back when the web was young and we didn't know any better. I started in the field as a graphic designer who fell in love with programming, and consider myself as much a designer as an engineer. I keep up to date with tools and methodologies through podcasts, conventions, events, & meetups in San Francisco, and a long reading list.

Outside of tech, I'm a trained language teacher (MaEd), interpreter & linguaphile. I'm interested in the fields of language education, linguistics & computer-assisted language learning.

I practice NVC, have spent decades learning dances, foreign languages, musical instruments, traveling, and have a black belt in dog petting.

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