Baltimore, MD, United States

Ex 1990's Hacker and phone phreaker. 2600 will always have a warm place in my heart. Now I code for a living.

Professionally I have worked with with C#, Java, ColdFusion, JavaScript, SQL (DB2, MS, Oracle), Objective-C and mostly everything else under the sun.

On my spare time, I independently deployed two iOS apps that are actually useful and downloaded everyday. Spend most of my off-time coding Objective-C and building the backend of my apps using node.js.

I finally gave in and moved all my app and server code from my own Git repo running on an AWS Linux box to private repos on GitHub.

Built a game with XNA Framework using C# and realized that video game developers have a hard job.

Big fan of Adobe tools for my graphics in my apps.

Hated my MacBookPro, until I went to OWC and upgraded the RAM to 16 Gigs and replaced the HD with an "Extreme" SSD.