Nashville, TN


Fun loving, rotary driving, open source using, sysadmin who enjoys practicing offensive security measures.

Experienced With:
IT Project Management
(U/Li)nix Administration
Penetration Testing
Compliance Auditing
MS Server Administration (2000/2003)
Cisco/HP Networking
Cisco ASA Management

Also Familiar With:
Sun Solaris
Virtual Machines
Avaya and Cisco VOIP
Mult Prog/Script Lang
PLCs and conveyors

Associates – Computer Networking
Bachelors – Information System Security

Work Experience:

Tier2 IT Call Center – 1Year
Major Telecom Co. - 10,000+ users
Thank you for calling my name is Peggy

Desk Side Support – 2Years
Credit Card Processing Co. – ~2000 users
Peggy sent me to fix your stuff.

Sysadmin / Network Admin / MS Server Admin / Deskside Support – 4 Years
Master Distribution Center for a Fortune 10 co. – ~200 users on-site
Damnit! What did Peggy break now?

Security Auditor / Sysadmin – 2 years
Medical Supply Co. - ~5000 users nationwide
User "PeggyR" has been selling credit card info for years.

Global Logistics Technology Manager – 2 years and counting
Fortune 5 co. – 200,000+ users total
Peggy, your fired!

Personal Business Experience:
I started building and fixing computers for extra income when I was 16. Officially opened a small private computer repair service when I was 18. Started network and security consulting for small mom and and pop businesses at 21. Began to include small doctors offices and local businesses at 24. Closed shop after accepting my latest position with (company name withheld) global.

Life Lessons:
You can only reap what you sow.

Hard work and diligence will only get you where you want to go if your superiors agree with it.

Know your corporate org chart, and respond accordingly.

Under Promise / Over Deliver! ~Always

Always be aware of the balance in your ass' bank account. Never cut checks for the full amount.