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Roland Tepp


I'm a developer, (surprise - eh!)

For the last 5 years or so I've been professionally involved in writing Java in and with Eclipse (using big E both - as an IDE and as a platform)

From the past, I still harbour some softness for Python language and web (client side) technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript. Occasionally dusting off my knowledge of these and keeping them from completely rusting away...

In my more distant youth I've also dabbled in wide range of languages and technologies, starting from BASIC, followed up bu Pascal, bits and pieces of C/C++ (enough to shoot myself in a foot), just a tad bit of assembler (just enough to know that is not the kind of programming I would love to do for any extended period of time), various of dialects of SQL, perl and bunch of stuff that don't even measuer up to being mentioned...

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