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United States - Iowa - Cedar Rapids -

I have been working with data all the time since 1989! Along the way, I've worked as a mainframe programmer(!), a Windows programmer, a DBA, a sysadmin, and a data developer (which is not always the same as a DBA). I've also been a manager (or even senior manager, ooh), but whatever I've done, it's always involved data in a central way. I've also worked as a technical author and trainer, releasing one SQL Server database design book with my name on it, and authoring several Microsoft Certification Exams without my name on them.

I love Python and scripting, C# and SQL, AWS and Google Spanner. I have coached a high school cyber defense team since the fall of 2008. They have won our state CDC competition. A lot.

Aside from all that tech stuff, I am a Christian, a husband, and a father of 4 pretty darn good people. I like watching movies (and documentaries!) and listening to books, playing stupid games on my laptop, and driving around Eastern Iowa enjoying the scenery while listening to audio books.

I used to love biking (including long distances) and playing Ultimate (Frisbee) but I've gained too much weight so I'm trying to eat less so I can at least ride a bike maybe 50 miles again.

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