Poznań, Polska

I enjoy investigating how software works under the hood (this also included situations when software does not work and has to be fixed or when software works, but no one really understands why and how). When solving problems and improving things I like to base my decisions on numbers and compare then from before and after my changes.

Working with high-scale services is not something unknown to me. I was working on decreasing the network bandwidth and improving caching statistics of a site generating 45 TB of CDN traffic (2500 mm requests) daily and improving Solr index storing 200+ mm documents (400 GB of data).

I prefer small dedicated command line tools. I find a team consisting of vim, tail, grep, ack, sed, cut and UNIX pipes more handy than a huge IDE Sometimes I build my own to help in my daily work.

I am a huge fan of open source movement and in my spare time started and maintain a few open source projects.

Gallup Strengths: Learner, Ideation, Deliberative, Developer, Empathy

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