Dubai - United Arab Emirates


My name is Oussama Abdallah (a.k.a Oussaki), Detail-oriented software developer (Android developer) with 4+ years’ success devising innovative and tailored solutions to meet ever-changing business requirements within diverse industries. Advanced skill with leading-edge programming tools complemented by proven ability to assimilate and rapidly utilize emerging technologies. Experience developing comprehensive algorithms and data-processing logic. here is a list of the main technologies I have used during my career:

■ Back-end: PHP MVC (Codeigniter, Custom MVC frameworks), NodeJS, Slim Framework.

■ Front-end: HTML5, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, BackboneJS

■ Mobile: Android, Cordova Framework

■ Databases: MySql, JSON Storage, SQLITE, NoSQL,AbsoluteDB,MSACCESS

■ Cloud: S3, AWS.

■ Source Control: Git, SVN, BitBucket.

■ Architectures: MVC,MVVM, Client/Server

■ Low-level languages: Intel 8086 assembly language

  • Development Object-oriented Design (OOD), Unified Modeling Language (UML), Solutions Architecture, Technical Documentation, API Architect.