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My image is a rat holding a sign that is both black and yellow. I have five children and a wife, two half brothers, one half sister, three adopted sisters, two adopted brothers, and a score of in-laws. My family inspires me to passion and convicts my belief that being a strong leader of humans starts with leading yourself.

I'm an INTP of Rational Temperament and I'm a Type 5, Wing 7, Presenting 8. If you know what that means, then it shouldn't surprise you that I won't explain it. ;)

I love roleplaying and table-top and video and live-action games. I would like to be a helpful member of this community. As a libertarian who loves the USA, I will also gladly discuss libertarian views, both general and personal, and provide perspective about the human condition, government, and what true liberty means.

You may find me on Facebook. ;)