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Saguenay, QC, Canada


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Getting started with backbone.js

  • Using _.template function
  • Using a model's attributes after a fetch
  • Difference between $el and el?
  • Difference between Backbone.history.navigate and this.router.navigate
  • Avoid a memory leak with Backbone
  • Save a model's changedAttributes
  • Save changes of a collection's models
  • A collection within a model
  • Custom parameter in a collection's url
  • Set nested model attributes
  • Using WP REST API 2 with Backbone

Advanced backbone.js topics

  • Efficiently render a list
  • Store different model types in the same collection
  • Easiest way to reset Backbone's model to initial defaults?
  • Set model's defaults based on a collection property
  • Create a good base class with Backbone
  • Namespacing pattern with Backbone
  • Force a POST request with Backbone
  • Bubble events of nested models and collections

backbone.js Components

  • Token-based authentication (passing a token within each request headers)
  • Detect clicks outside of an element
  • TinyMCE Backbone component

Other good answers

  • Namespacing, Constructors/Instances, Ordering dependencies
  • How to Cache Angular scope
  • Dynamically define a nested PHP function using parent function parameters
  • If you're going to simulate TCP with UDP, why not use TCP?
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