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Jan Koester

Bremen, Germany

I studied computer science in Germany and work now as a software developer.


  • Java (about 5 years)
  • HTML/JavaScript/CSS
  • C
  • Android Development
  • C++
  • Python
  • Spring
  • Eclipse (Plugins, RCP)
  • Basic Experience: C#, SQL, HTML, Haskell

Other IT-Interests:

  • Linux (Kernel)
  • Security
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Reengineering
  • Mobile
  • Testing (3,5 years experience as a software tester)
  • Software Architecture

I love coding. It impresses me, that some piece of text can make thinks happen and that you can create everything your mind can imagine.

I'm interested in well structured and designed programs. I prefer the object-oriented paradigm, but I also know to write code in procedural languages like C.

I try to write clean code, which is easy to test, maintainable, expandable and easy to change without great efforts.

I'm also interested in testable code design (e.g by dependency injection) and software tests in general.

I like code, which is easy to read and easy to understand, because programming is most of the time teamwork. I like re-factoring and design patterns as well.