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Markus A.

Southern California, CA, United States

Author and programmer of ColorTrek, a colorful logic-puzzle that you can play for free in your browser or on your iOS or Android devices. I'd love to hear your feedback!

I currently do virtually all my coding in Java since, thanks to RoboVM and GWT, it allows me to develop for almost all platforms: Android, iOS, Blackberry, web, desktop, ..., and even BluRay!

Having taught myself how to program since the 1980s, I still value the old-school approach of paying excruciating attention to performance for every line of code that I write. I like coding as close to the metal as possible to have as much control over my applications as I possibly can. Luckily, neither RoboVM nor GWT nor Java fundamentally interfere with this once you understand how they work behind the scenes.

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