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MySQL problem solver and database optimiser. Disapproving of filesorts, unneccesary use of inappropriate data types, and comma-delimited lists in place of link tables. Lover of stored procedures, subqueries, efficient normalisation, and memory tables used appropriately.

Coldfusion developer with a wish to eliminate CFML tags wherever possible. Averse to queries without query params and double-quotes around strings. Glad to finally be able to use ternary operators along with far more liberal usage of cfscript. Originally a PHP advocate, however over the last few years have preferred to use Coldfusion more and more where available.

All in all, I enjoy solving the problems before me, be it optimisation of old logic or creation of new. In recent years have been focusing on Travel clients and in the process have gained experience in efficient search systems, secure booking systems, and trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.