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As of 12/25/17

Well, I just spent the last 10 days in and out of jail. 3 of them were kinda just meh.... the next 5 were solitary confinement. Which for all intensive purposes for those 5 days we may as well be calling them weeks instead of days.

As of late though I want to do something with my life. No more bullshit, No more trying to find a loop hole to fall into and never come out of. Today moves forward. NOT backwards. So if anyone on this site can point me in the right direction will forever be in your debt. For that matter, I ALWAYS pay my debts. If you would like to be my friend, or If you would like to teach me a thing or 2 I will make for damn sure that you are repaid even if it is down to the blood. I will not beg, but only ask for guidance If you are kind enough to show my anything that may be of knowledge of the ways of stack exchange. You will not only be my friend, you will be idolized in ways for helping a lost soul. I suppose that is enough backstory for now. I truly hope EVERYONE in here is having a happy holiday.

God bless sincerely,

G.J. Dubb

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