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At school, he was always the representative of his class! 🤓

The role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or Marketing Director is to lead the business of general marketing of an organization, particularly in its digital dimension; from market research to advertising strategy, including guidance on the development of company offers, customer targeting and branding. & nbsp;

The Chief Marketing Officer function integrates all the digital dimensions of customer relationship, e-marketing and new analysis tools, prospecting and online advertising channels.

He is also responsible for defining the company's marketing strategy, analyzing customer relations and sales and studying buying behavior. It changes the brand image and optimizes sales promotion to increase the company's profitability and market share. His role is essential in the digital transformation of companies by managing the evolution of distribution channels.

Systems Developer, Web Platforms with Social Media integration. Specialist in Server Mechanic and Marketing Management.

Graduated in Graphic Design - FMU

Operates in server management for data encryption allocation, with high level security protection. Currently studying Machine Learning with an emphasis on Virtual Reality.

Co-creator and developer of specific platforms for newsrooms, with Web publication.

Collaborator of the main platforms used in the world: Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal.

He is passionate about Digital Professions and their innovations.

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That's the basics, this kid has a story that gives a trilogy and something is still missing ... If you think something is missing ... Just let me know, what I can do ...

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