Karl-Henry Martinsson

Dallas, TX


I am a Lotus Notes developer based in Dallas, TX, but I am originally from Sweden. I have been working with Lotus (now IBM) Notes/Domino since 1996, full-time since the end of 1997. in 2014 and 2015 I was honored by IBM by being selected as one the IBM Champions for Collaboration Solutions. In addition I also worked as a journalist for five years covering the IT industry for IDG back in 1993-1998.

I have been working with HTML and web technologies since early 1994. Currently I mostly work with jQuery and Bootstrap, but I have been looking at other Javascript frameworks as well.

My main work is currently done using Lotusscript (a dialect of VB used in IBM Notes/Domino) and Javascript/jQuery. I also recently started working with C# and .NET.

My past work experience includes working at Microsoft AB in Sweden, and developing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) applications for Esselte Voice (later VoiceEQ) in Sweden.

I started programming in 1982/83, using BASIC on Z80-based computers. After about 2 years, I switched to Pascal, as my school got new Intel 80186-based computers running CP/M-86. In 1988 I started using C, first in DOS and then (about a year or two later) in Windows. When Visual Basic 1.0 came out, I added that to my toolbox. I also have past experience using Paradox (a database later aquired by Borland), Delphi and some Java.

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