Evanston, IL, United States

René has spent most of his life programming in one language or another. From assembly, through BASIC, and up to C++ and Lisp, he has managed to program on a variety of computers and operating systems.

Currently he is doing UE4 engine development and general game development at Disbelief LLC.

In the past he managed to get a concurrent MS and BS in Computer Science from Loyola University at Chicago. Work for the Institute for the Learning Sciences at Northwestern University building AI related systems. And worked on game development at Jellyvision Inc. ( Where he lead the programming of "You Don't Know Jack: The 5th Dementia", and of "That's a Fact: Jack! Read.". Which where the basis for the development of the first two versions of "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire". In the recent past he also worked at Wideload Games (and eventually Disney Interactive) creating games like "Texas Cheat'em" and "Avengers Initiative".

His motto of "clean code, clean graphics, it can always stand improvement" has repeatedly gotten him in trouble.

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