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Atlanta, GA, United States

TO BE IMPROVED: • Minnesota 2nd Chance web sites: LAMP stack dev; production support; data analysis/support scripts; 3rd party site integration; Arkansas lottery site; production support; Eclipse XDebug use; jQuery; DHTML JavaScript supporting brand loyalty. • SciPlay development and defect resolution: C++ extension to PHP; PHP scripts and backend utilities; Debian Linux; typical Linux utilities such as SCP, SSH, Tar. Eclipse/XDebug. Third Party Workflow PHP classes; API integration in PHP with embedded cURL calls; C++ classes for Paysafe & ecommerce integration; jQuery; JMeter • Consulting: Custom MySQL Recruiter Database system written in PHP with DHTML and JavaScript front end (web 2.0); corporate website maintenance and improvement; custom Jobs Listing CMS with MySQL backend for recruiter public web site; MySQL queries; • Evolution Robotics: Development & presentation of hobby robotics GUI application using sockets communication in C++ • Enfotrust: Created multithreaded Windows services using Visual C++ (Visual Studio .Net 2003): some Microsoft SQL Server; XML; use of STL, MFC. Cross-platform development porting Windows client to Linux embedded computer. • Created command line and GUI utilities translating data from Airfare database to ITA format; extensive use of Microsoft Foundation Classes. • Responsible for Swing GUI design for Java project (ARDIS) using IBM VisualAge for Java &Borland JBuilder Foundation. Some UML exposure, Use Cases • Platform agnostic C++ code for AirFares business application originally developed to run on Windows server, Unix & Linux. • Client / Server, Intranet server prototypes, and Intranet CGIs developed in Visual C++ both with and without MFC; Windows and Linux/Unix sockets programming (Visual Studio). • Oracle University (Oracle Introduction; Oracle PL/SQL Programming Units). • Multiple platform C/C++ programming for mobile devices using 80xx processors. • Handheld computers included Telxon & Norand platforms in Visual C++ on DOS target. • Resolved Windows 3.1 defects on OS/2 Warp for PowerPC via disassembly of Windows executables. • Customer focal point for Win32s defects. • SetSessionTitle OS/2 API's for the PowerPC for the MVDM server using IBM CSet++, IPMD and OS/2. • PC based Thiokol Integrated Data Acquisition and Reduction system (TIDAR) which is data acquisition and instrument control software in C and assembly language for MetraByte A/D cards. • Reverse engineering of undocumented legacy data acquisition and reduction software & hardware. WISCO: • Software team member for automated test and simulation system for nuclear power plants. • Fluke 1722A microcomputer/controller and GPIB interfaced instruments. • Real-time programming and interrupt processing for data acquisition. • Authored touch-screen dev tool

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