Kochi, Kerala, India

Computer engineer interested in programming, electronics, application architecture, data visualization, automation and performance optimization. 25 year total coding experience, 15 year career experience includes working with American Express, Verizon, Saudi Aramco, Weatherford, Dun & Bradstreet.

Currently keeping busy with JAM stack and GraphQL.

Recently more into front end technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript mobile web/ mobile native development using NodeJS, ReactJS, Redux, Angular to name a few. Has worked using D3, ReCharts, jQuery, Prototype, Dust, and in C++, ASP, PHP, MFC, VisualBasic, ActionScript, Photoshop (from v4.0), CorelDraw, Adobe Flash (from v3.0[then Macromedia]).

Uses PHP for personal projects for service calls with ReactJS as frontend. Once in a while uses Photoshop, CorelDraw and Flash.

Career start year - 2003, coding started way before that =]:P)

First computer - ZX Spectrum(early 90s), mainly used to do programming in BASIC

Places worked - Kochi, B'lore, Hyderabad, Phoenix (Arizona), Dallas (Texas).

Likes electronics, physics, arts, raspberry pi, circuit design, easter eggs, beaches, country side, grilling in snow and gardening =|:p)

-=[ Some links worth visiting ]=-

Find icon positions from CSS sprite sheets.

Test your PHP scripts online using PHPSandbox and PHPFiddle

The JSBeautifier and JSFiddle

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