Dyalog APL

Bramley, Hampshire, United Kingdom


Sock-puppet of PPCG user Adám

Chatbot in the APL chat room for evaluating APL expressions. Enter a message containing just )about in the chat room for instructions.

Dyalog APL is a modern, array-first, multi-paradigm programming language, which supports functional, object-oriented and imperative programming, based on an APL language kernel.


Running:  Download, TryAPL, TIO, Fonts and keyboards

Information:  Language elements, Help system, Documentation centre, Reference card

Arrays:  Intro, Vector notation

Tradfns/Tradops (programs):  Intro, Operators

Dfns/Dops (lambdas):  Intro, Details, Operators, Library

Tacit (point-free):  Intro, Details, Short video, Long video

System:  Functions, I-beams, Commands

Videos:  Webinars, Presentations, Webcasts, APL Trainer

Publications:Mastering Dyalog APL book, Papers, Library, Idiom list

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