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Number shoveling functionary for state government. I had an imagination once. Now I have notes.

Hobbies/Areas of Interest.

  • Art

    • Acrylic, water color, pastels, graphite, collage
    • expressionism, impressionism, surrealism, miniature
    • character design, culture/world building, game illustration, game design
    • Some favourite artists: René Magritte, J. M. W Turner, Francis Bacon, Lynd Ward, Zdzisław Beksiński, Pavel Filonov
  • Writing

    • Existential Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Soft Sci-Fi, Hard Fantasy, Existential Horror
    • Character Study, Expressionism, World Building, Fictional Non-fiction
    • Short Story, Novella, Flash Fiction, venturing into longer form.
    • Some Favourite Authors: Bohumil Hrabal, Jean-Paul Sartre, Franz Kafka, Alfred Bester, Kahlil Gibran, Frank Herbert

I cook but not well enough to call it anything. I do enjoy it. I program but not well enough to say I'm a programmer. I am of the generation that sees video games as a legitimate means of artistic expression, coming into a period of public acceptance, the same way films did some hundred years ago.

I am generally interested in a large number of sciences, history, objective studies, and other whatnot, but I am not so informed of any of it that I feel it makes sense to list them in specific. I like to ask informed people passionate about their subject speculative and exploratory questions about their field. Sometimes the questions end up being dumb, and sometimes we get off onto an interest tangent about the implications of the question.

Don't hurt people for no good reason, don't take everything so personally.

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