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Minneapolis, MN

Things about me:

  • I work as a fraud analyst for an e-commerce company

  • This means I spend a lot of time building and using tools that crunch data

  • I'm not a coder, but I play one on TV

  • I'm not a statistician, but I play one on TV
  • I'm not a data scientist, but I play one on TV
  • I'm not a detective, but...well, you get the idea

A lot of my job is hunting down and slaying black swans.

My last degree was in Rhetoric and Political Communications. The one I'm working on currently is in Applied Math. After that, it's a Masters in Stats.

I do (or have done) work in Perl, Python, R, C, 6502 Assembler, and Javascript.
My weapon of choice lately has been R. I'm always surprised how much you can do in R.

People who argue about Vim vs Emacs are both wrong. The answer is Sublime Text.

There's not a damned thing wrong with the Oxford comma, nor with adding two spaces after a period.

I prefer City of Heroes (RIP) to Warcraft. I prefer how-to and textbooks to fiction and narrative non-fiction.

Minneapolis is a great place for both geeks and artists. I'm very fortunate to be living here when the geek and art cultures are so rich.

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