Jake Symons

Kent, England, UK


What I do here

Email JakeSymonsStack@gmail.com if you want to talk to me about anything related to the network.

I help out at Charcoal flagging and deleting spam across the network. I also scan the recent questions on many sites, mostly Stack Overflow and edit and flag where appropriate. I do ask the odd question, but mainly my work on the site is maintenance working in the background hence the low rep score. I mainly aim to make the site a better place, rather than getting a higher score for myself.

Network-wide flag count for 'Helpful' flags: 3100

Thank you for reading this far down :)

If you're interested in Mental Health like I am then you may want to look at this post written for Mental Health Awareness Week 2019. It showcases some amazing blogs and people in the niche.

I'm a writer by trade

I'm a digital content creator helping businesses thrive on their websites and blogs, social media and across the Internet. I pave roads to call to actions, and I resonate and convert audiences through my words.

I'm also a passionate advocate for mental health. When I'm not writing for clients or short stories, I am sharing my own story and giving my tips about mental health. Since I started having my own mental health problems I have been determined to help others like me, a quest which will never end.

I'm also an author, with a collection of short stories published, and two books underway. I publish all my fiction writing on Wattpad so I can share it with the world for free. This may sound counter-productive, based on how long a book takes but one of my books, The Darkness is about mental health, and I couldn't possibly charge. Now I just enjoy being free to write as and when I like, and can directly interact and change my writing as I go