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Hirdesh Vishwdewa

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

Creative and Dependable PHP with 4+ years of experience in building rich and interactive web/mobile applications. I try to be futuristic while writing code try to follow all the best coding practices of good maintainable code. I don't cry when my code breaks. I am open to learn and work on new technologies. I worked on following technologies yet-

  • PHP (Laravel 5.7, Yii 1/2), MySQL
  • AWS deployment integration using PHP SDK (CodeDeploy, CloudFormation, CodePipeline, EC2, S3)
  • AngularJS, Angular2, jQuery
  • REST API, HTML5, CSS, Joomla (2.5, 3.x)
  • XMPP (Openfire/stropheJS)