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Actually I'm a mechanical engineer, but also a self-made "fullstack developer" with decent skills in HTML, CSS and JS, and messing around with PHP and PostgreSQL at the back-end. (In the past I've worked with ((Auto-Lisp( in various projects)))), but C# has replaced the old good Lisp for years ago. Web page developing is just for fun, and Auto-Lisp and C# have been a great help, when bringing home the bacon.

If you have a question:

  • Define "It doesn't work" in the question, don't write the phrase literally. I guarantee a downvote for you for every question containing "doesn't work", but not including an explanation of what actually goes wrong.
  • Reading the documentation is always useful
  • NaN is not an error, it's a value
  • Don't minify your developement code

Also: When responding to a comment or an answer, please think faster than you write!

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