London, United Kingdom

Hello, I'm Jonathan! 👋

Experienced in Front End Development (HTML, CSS, ES6, Angular, React), Back End Development (C#, Java, NodeJS) and Software Engineering (OOP, RDBMS, TDD and beginning to branch into FP).

Additionally trained and experienced in Interaction Design (User Research, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping, Accessibility).

Focused on user needs, with an emphasis on relationships, empathy, evidence and results. I enjoy working in diverse, multi-disciplinary teams, learning and sharing knowledge.

Made significant and lasting contributions to several high-impact projects in Australia, for: Bupa (2010), Westpac (2013), Service NSW (2015) and the Digital Transformation Agency (2017).

Worked remotely for 5+ clients (including production support and across time-zones), with high self-motivation, productivity and communication (over email, IM and pull-requests).

• Continuously programming since 2000 •

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