Stan H

New Zealand

72 years young. Career (major path) in radio and electronics, design, manufacture, maintenance, service, teaching trade skills and safety in the workplace.

Designer and builder of strange and unheard-of electronic devices "just because I can". More pragmatic and practical rather than academic and this will sure show in my answers.

Flew sailplanes (real gliders with cockpits) for some years. I loved the winch launches, screaming into the sky at 2,000ft/min at an "impossible" angle of attack in a small, fragile aircraft - nothing like it...

My electronics work got me a lot of helicopter rides into amazingly rugged hinterland. Rode standing on the skids of a Hughes 500 one time while the pilot obligingly took me to another part of the mountain I was installing a radio repeater on. Another time belting through the narrow Mangaturatura Gorge 100ft under ground level in a Bell Jetranger, admiring those too-close volcanic rock walls. And to fly slowly over an active volcano and look into the entrance of hell... awesome!

Staff management in manufacturing environment; teacher of trade skills to adults at a tertiary college.

Certified Hypnotherapist for 20 years.

BA conferred in 2014 at age 69 after fulltime attendance at university, just because I wanted to - and damn proud of it! (Victoria University, Wellington New Zealand) major sociology, minor anthropology.

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