julian bechtold

Basel, Schweiz

I am a young developer that mainly works on private Projects.

I started programming in Java in my apprenticeship and from there on moved step by step on my own learning new amazing stuff.

Eventually I started being able to create Programs that can do more than printing a hello world on the console or bubble sort a list. It was this time, when I created my very first (useful) program, a Market trading robot that I could see that I actually am able to create useful things.

With this knowledge, and the god-like power to create something that matters out of nothing just with my mind really started me going, starting several (still small) projects privately and at work.

The start I have to admit was really harsh and the community at stack with its down-votes got my first account blocked. With time my Knowledge grew, my questions got better and my reputation rose. I want to encourage the community to help new members rather than just down-voting their questions because their skillset is not high enough yet.