David Reed

Philadelphia, PA, United States


Senior Salesforce Developer in Philadelphia. Fond of Python, C, roller derby, and Ancient Greek. david@ktema.org / @aoristdual.

I'm certified Application Architect and Platform Developer II (7 total).

Current projects include working on unit test coverage for SFSE, building a multi-object, command-line data loader in Python, and designing a presentation/workshop on Git for Admins.

Here's some other things I do:

  • My Salesforce blog is at www.ktema.org.
  • My GitHub is davidmreed. Fun stuff over there:
    • A Lightning transit tracker application (if you live in Philly, do you want to see your SEPTA regional rail trains on your Lightning homepage?) that I use as a demonstration of CI, automated testing, and toolchain design.
    • A library for doing bulk data loads of ContentNote and ContentVersion records.
    • A Python tool for converting Salesforce Ids in CSV files.
    • Demonstrations and example configuration files for different continuous integration workflows with Salesforce DX, CircleCI, and Python simple_salesforce.
  • You can find my talks on Continuous Integration and Salesforce DX on YouTube:
    • Continuous Integration with Salesforce DX and CircleCI: Practices and Principles from PhillyForce '18
    • Continuous Integration with Salesforce DX: Concepts and Connections from Dreamforce '18.
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