Nathan Aw


I eat and breathe all things digital, especially anything related to blockchain, distributed ledgers (DLT), next-generation cryptography and quantum computers with a focus on quantum algorithms implementation with Q#,Qiskit.

Nominated to the Hyperledger Speakers Bureau, the ERC 725 Alliance and the IEEE Blockchain, all of which invitation-only groups consisting of some of the world's foremost and most pre-eminent blockchain experts, I help to push the frontiers of what is possible in the digital sphere thereby speeding up adoption on hyper scale.

Profile as follows:

"Decentralized Identity - What Lies Ahead of Us: The Open (Interesting) Research Issues"

"Byzantine Agreement Protocols for Large-Scale Decentralized Identity Management"

"Applications for Quantum Information Network: Promising Use Cases and its Profound Implications on Existing Internet Applications",_Real-life_Case.pdf

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