Overland Park, KS

I am a professional web developer with two degrees in computer science. I have a background in computer (desktop and laptop) and projector repair as well as tech support for multiple companies.

I do most of my web development with PHP. I have dabbled in Ruby and Java and would like to eventually become fluent in them as well as Python, C, C++ (used this a lot in college), and a few other languages. I am pretty decent at JavaScript. I know HTML and CSS and understand more than the average developer when it comes to web design and design architectures on web platforms (mobile, responsive, grid, etc).

In my current day job I find myself mostly working in Drupal 6 and Drupal 7. But I have worked with WordPress, OpenCart, Magento (ick!), OSCommerce, CodeIgniter (framework), CakePHP (framework, not a fan) and I have a dabbled in numerous other frameworks and CMSes. I am not shy at trying new libraries, tools, and systems. I have worked with MySQL, PostGreSQL, and Oracle 8i (a little bit in college). I am also trying to learn about MongoDB and CouchDB.

My skill seems to be in finding solutions to problems that no one else can seem to solve. Either through research or just coming up with creative solutions on my own. Often times I find myself asking a question on here and then discovering or coming up with the answer on my own a few hours later. I try to curb that so that I can give credit to those that really put in the effort to help. I also try to give points to those that help even when I find a solution on my own.

I am a nerd through and through and try to absorb and analyze every bit of knowledge I come across.

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