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Bengaluru, IN

Hi there! I'm a Data Analyst and a curious being in general who enjoys connecting the dots. I’ve got a strong business acumen, analytical and communication abilities, the ability to make data-driven decisions and can translate business questions into concrete solutions.

The application of Data Science in practically every industry, as well as the way it affects our lives without our explicit notice, has always piqued my curiosity. Throughout my quest to learn about DS, I've obtained practical experience with these abilities,

  • Data Analysis and storytelling using Python libraries, interactive dashboards & advanced excel
  • Leverages the capabilities of machine learning algorithms and the mathematics that underpin them
  • Statistical & Quantitative analysis and its importance in predictive modelling
  • Model deployment in user-interactive web-app

Since my childhood, I had developed a natural fascination with digital gaming, whether it be playing snake on mobile or patching a game downloaded from Torrentz. It may sound a little goofy, but this is the only reason I decided to study computer science.

I vividly remember writing my first loop on the blue screen of TurboC++. I was astounded, like a child seeing an aeroplane whiz by for the first time. As a bear who craves honey, I fall for this field of study. From being a college senior to the youngest employee, in 2018 I started the professional journey @Manyavar&Mohey. After a long 2 years journey at Manyavar, I joined a fintech startup @FastInfo with the objective of testing myself from scratch. During my 3 years journey as a backend web developer, some of my achievements follow,

  • Created secured and resilient RESTApi solution using abstraction layers which interface with third-party logistic providers like Amazon, DTDC etc ensuring scalability, feasibility and auditing standards
  • Developed weekly OLAP reports and Information Workflows
  • Built a project on the OCR system to recognize and digitize key values from historical or contemporary documents
  • Implemented a real-time WhatsApp chat system via
  • Created an effective solution to retrieve ad campaign data via Meta Marketing API using GraphQL queries for insight reporting

Looking back a year, I can sense how challenging it was for me to make the decision to translate my domain to Data Science amid a pandemic. Having relative industry experience, I recognise the significance of my team, the importance of those daily emails and meeting deadlines.

In my free time, you might find me wandering on mountain trails and nursing stray animals.

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