Satish Pandey


I am a skilled Senior Java developer with more than 9 years of software development experience. I am based in India and currently working as a freelance Java developer.

I am actively developing projects using Java, Spring, and AWS. I have also developed mobile apps using Android and Firebase.

I am experienced in writing webservices and developed client applications for the same. I use Spring Security to secure application components. I use Spring Boot, Cloud, Social, and Web in my applications.

I am an active user of AWS and consider using its services while developing architectures. I am excellent in picking cost-effective and secure solutions using AWS.

I developed MapReduce programs to process data in distributed applications.

I majorly used SQL and sometimes NoSQL in my projects. I applied iBatis and Hibernate as ORMs.

I am experienced to work on the repository tools like GIT, SVN, and CVS.

I like to help the community by writing blogs. You can find my blogs here: