Valdemoro, España

Hi everyone!

It's Rddevelop, an active user in the stack overflow community.

Here are some things about me:

I am profesional back-end web developer.The languages i use on my daily basis are php and javascript but i have decent knowledge on java.

I like to participate in forums and platforms dedicated to help people learn programming through asking questions such as Stackoverflow or offering tons of easy to understand documentation made by the public such as SoloLearn or with cool and well made programming puzzles that make you better at solving problems and increase your knowledge on a specific language such as Codingame.

I like to stay in touch with the new technologies that are coming every day to stay relevant in the field.

I advocate for a clean, documented and well structure code, good testing environment and teamwork in order to be able to achive a robust and well made application.

You can also find me on my github page where i "try" to build good open source projects.

Have a nice day!

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