Chris S

United States

Undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Physics. Graduate degrees in general relativity and statistics. Preparing for a doctorate in statistics. I have taken and passed several actuarial exams and courses which I have used in some of my work. I've coauthored two papers in the the American Physical Society on subatomic phenomena. Graduate student in probability and statistics which is also what I study for actuary exams. Study astronomy on free time or with physics departments whenever able to. I am not great with computer code to be honest. But I can pick it up with extended effort. Used to mine crypto currency as a hobby before they became so mainstream that it kind of set crypto currency back as far as profitability but I can’t complain as I am a big believer in educating the masses on issues which will likely be in future technology and I value knowledge over money. I value educating everyone over money as well so I can have reasonable discussions without poor debate techniques like ad hominem, straw man tactics, appeal to fear (which is unfortunately highly effective when people don’t know about a topic or science very well) and various other debate techniques I find to be low brow and would have easily beat in my days on a debate team. I started a year or two ago for physics questions but forgot about my account. I tried reddit but found the community to be younger and ignorant to many things. Also lacking in etiquette and attack anyone who uses proper grammar or writes in anyway perceived as being elitist to them. This crowd is much friendlier on the whole it looks. I make real money by investing. Bitcoin, efts, bonds, etc. that is statistically where you'll make money if you do your h/w. This last sentence has changed as I do make money investing but no longer day trade. I use my education to mostly provide data analysis with my statistical skills. I enjoy amateur astronomy or assisting professional astronomers when possible. I also studied general relativity to a large degree so have a profound love of physics. Astrophysics to be more precise. I am able to answer questions dealing with the standard model but am less educated about that except for the statistical aspects of it.

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