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Fort Worth, Texas

Want to talk to me? mason.mcglothlin @ Google's Gmail service.

Graduated from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas with a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Technology and a minor in General Business. The CIT program is part of the Computer Science department within the College of Science and Engineering. So while code wasn't the total focus, we did take a large number of coding classes. My Sophomore and Junior years I interned at Terma North America.

After graduation, I became a full time Business Systems Analyst at Terma North America. My job was to support our ERP system and other business systems used by the company. I ended up writing a great deal of code to make these systems support the business needs when commercially available software couldn't do what we wanted for the price we wanted to pay. I built quite a few web and service applications to support these objectives, all done by myself as the sole developer.

I spent a year working at OGsys as a Software Developer utilizing ASP.NET development skills, working with a team to build accounting software needed by oil and gas companies.

I currently work as a Senior Software Developer at Healthcare Payment Specialists.

In college, I had taken a web developer class. It was really a survey of HTTP, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Java Servlets, JSP, and ASP.NET Web Forms. Naturally we covered so many topics that I didn't gain expertise in any particular one. In my job at TNA, I made heavy use of Web Forms. I started interacting with Stack Overflow because I noticed that a lot of the issues I had with Web Forms were already answered there. So I began interacting more, and learned about ASP.NET MVC, which really opened my eyes to the wider world of web development, and I began devouring information about the various technologies used in web development and ASP.NET.

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