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Ohio, United States

Yet Another Aspiring Science Fiction Writer. Transplanted Hoosier living in the Buckeye State. Old enough to remember when Generation X was the big disappointment. Feminist. Agnostic. A collection of nervousness bound in skin.

Loves: audiobooks, reading, watching movies, overthinking geeky stuff, comic books, space operas, mysteries, very, very large and/or small numbers and many other things, including hot buttered Cheerios.

Hates: Nazis, willful ignorance, overthinking non-geeky stuff, cheeseburgers (99.98% of the time), misplaced nostalgia, the texture of foam rubber and a bunch of other things but especially the "Charlie's Angels" reboot movies.

Fears: spiders, heights, needles. Not fond of tornados.

Username comes from the Transformers Generation Two comics.

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