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Chicago, IL

Began my computing addiction with an early IBM PC in 1982*. Ran a BBS off of two 5.25" floppies. You can imagine my excitement when my Dad brought home an expansion unit with two 10MB hard drives! Oh, and let's not forget the math co-processor. *[I did actually have a TI a couple of years before that, but don't remember what or when. No commodore here.]

Anyhow, I've tinkered with dos, Windows, networking, dns, email, firewalls, variety of *nix, security, vpn, certificates, databases, blah, blah, with varying strengths and weaknesses, and other associated shtuff.

Scrabble aficionado, as well as puzzles of just about any type -- probably why I love troubleshooting so much and am supposedly halfway decent at it.

Addendum: Admittedly, my scripting skills aren't great, but I can hack and slash to get stuff done, usually. Forgive the lack of elegance ;-)

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