Sigil, Mal Arundak, Waterdeep, Soubar, Lichville

Half-elf wizard/cleric of Mystra. Started playing AD&D 2e in 1995. Originally from FR, but spent some decent time also with Planescape. Helped save Waukeen from Graz'zt and Halaster from Stardock, turn a bebilith to a good creature, recover Wand of Orcus, turn Entropy into a powerful deity and hence avert murder of Mystra by Cyric (jump directly from 3e to 5e!), give Alusiel her conscience. Met Qilué Veladorn once as a young cleric and fell into a Platonic love with her. Lost 3 points of constitution thanks to 2e raise dead. Scholar by heart and by deed; cares a lot about providing references to first sources. Researched many new spells, proud of being able to magically create seeds of plants, adapt them into new habitats and create bonzais in a day. Can fool smart monsters by making real things appear like illusions.

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