The Stack Exchange method:

  • Goal: Put forth the appearance of being a champion of diversity and inclusivity.
  • Means:
    • Fire an actual champion of diversity and inclusivity - a volunteer, a moderator. Part of a minority herself, created a safe space for marginalized people in her communities. (She was seemingly fired because she dared to ask questions about a then not even written down update to the Code of Conduct. But Stack Exchange keeps quiet and even towards her.).
    • Ruin her reputation by false accusations, even in to the press.
    • Wait for people to forget about it.

For further reading:

  • Post on the Stack Exchange network
  • Official responses and news coverage

I hope to one day become a less bad programmer.

To protect the privacy of the people I'm referring to, I use fake names in my posts. These are Alice, Bob, Eve, Mallory etc. If gender plays no role, it may also be impossible to infer from the fake name used.

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