This is my AskUbuntu profile and most of my stuff here on StackExchange is tech-oriented. However I do have other hobbies and interests, you may find more about these in my other profiles on the network. I'm lwbt on Reddit and Telegram.

I started with Ubuntu and Linux somewhere between 2006 and 2007. With the release of 08.04 I completely migrated away from Windows to Ubuntu and while this has been a few years ago I still consider myself fairly new to this topic and I know I can still discover something new and exciting everyday.

The following listing is not to brag about hardware, I'm rather trying to reproduce issues and share experience.

  • Custom built desktop computers with Intel HD graphics (dualscreen setup), Lenovo T530 & T560 (touch) without discrete graphics (also run Windows 10), Chromebooks Lenovo N22 & ASUS Flip C302 (with GalliumOS)
  • Behringer FCA610 USB (PulseAudio multichannel configuration), JDS Labs C5D & The Element, Bluetooth dongles and BT audio speakers and headphones
  • Wacom Intuos 4 PTK-540WL
  • HP 3005pr Port Replicator (works with proprietary DisplayLink driver)
  • Aten CS1794 HDMI KVMP Switch
  • Logitech TK820 and some unifying receiver mice
  • …and some APC UPS
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