Vincent Zoonekynd

Hong Kong

After studying algebraic geometry, algebraic topology and category theory, after teaching mathematics and computer science in university and high school, after studying bioinformatics and implementing image analysis algorithms in a biotech start-up, I have since been working in finance, in London, Tōkyō and Hong Kong.

My preferred programming languages are R and Perl, but I try to use the best language and tools to solve the problem at hand. I also like to learn more marginal languages, such as Haskell or Oz/Mozart. I am interested in human languages, too.

Here is a selection of my answers.

  • Computing a probability density function from its characteristic function or by maximizing its entropy;

  • Quadratic programming to ensure a sequence is increasing or to position labels on a plot

  • Reparametrizing optimization problems to make them unconstrained, for instance to fit stable distribution; penalizing them to restrict them to a discrete search space

  • Speeding up computations in R using C or by expanding some of the computations

  • Computing the skyline

  • On the use of colour in statistical plots

  • Plotting the result of a time series clustering

  • Solving puzzles with graph theory

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