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Sector 3KX, Io

I am an inexperienced adventurer, trying to explore the wonderful but complex and dangerous new world of computers, electronics and programming which I have just landed in, with only my Ubuntu and an internet connection to help me. So far I have tangled with small Pythons, struggled through thickets of HTML and dabbled in a CaSScade. I had just entered a clearing when a wild JavaScript bore down on me. I dashed through the under-brush, managing to escape. However, in my mad rush I disturbed something. The only thing I could do was totally drop everything to avoid the JQuery. I ran into a Cave and now I have to find my way out. I am trying to follow the pointers, but whether I will survive or not, only time will tell. My friends K & R might help.

Broad daylight at last! I had explored enough of the Cave to satisfy my curiosity; I didn't dare meddle in its deep secrets. A cup of Java was in order, and most welcome. Okay, on with my mission. The data led me to a forbidding castle. It was empty, except for the many tables in the great hall. I would make this my base. It was surrounded by a moat of mud, however, which I have to SQLuelch through to get in and out.

Where will my mission take me? I don't know.

Aside from programming, I have an interest in toast making, a rather unusual hobby. When I have wood and I am in the right mood, I enjoy carving wooden spoons.

On a more serious note: I am a dedicated Christian, and a young-earth creationist. I am willing to discuss my views.

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