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Diana Tortolini

Boston, MA

B.A. in Political Science, University of New Hampshire (Durham) 2000 (I can hear your laughter over TCP/IP)

Certificate in Systems Analysis and Design, Northeastern University 2008

1 year C++ programming, Boston University 2008-09

Current study: M.S. in Computer Information Systems, Boston University 2012+

I have 14 years experience working in the investment management industry, having slowly transitioned from the business side to full IT. It's been weird and scary, and I'm still learning. The languages I know best are those used to query vendor financial software, or straight up VBA/VB.Net. Otherwise I have basic but respectable academic experience in HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySQLi, ASP.NET, C#, PL-SQL, Javascript/Jquery, and probably other stuff I'm not currently thinking of.