Tokyo, Japan


I'm the creator of On-Prem:

  • https://on-premises.com

    A service to help convert your Installer-based software into a virtual appliance (virtual machine).

I'm also the author of Web Scaling vol. 1 - Small Architectures, available here:

  • https://scaling.a1w.ca

    For scaling with HAProxy, Keepalived (LVS), MySQL, Memcached and more. It's mostly for beginners in the world of scalability.

I've written a few open source PicoLisp and Ruby libraries:

  • https://picolisp.a1w.ca
  • https://code.a1w.ca

I'm also a hardware hacker:

  • https://cpu.a1w.ca

    A blog focused on hacking MCUs, FPGAs, and robots.

I write tech rants on my personal blog:

  • https://blog.a1w.ca/t/tech

GitHub: @aw

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