I'm a Chinese and I'm now studying in college. I found this interesting site by accident and experienced the happiness of helping others. So I would like to offer something helpful about Chinese and Chinese culture if what I know is exactly what you need. If only I could make friends here! Contact me at xzqsr2010@gmail.com. Welcome to practice Chinese with me :) !

我是一名中国人,现在在读大学。我偶然发现了这个网站,觉得很有意思,也在这儿体验到了助人为乐的喜悦。所以我会尽力去帮大家的!也希望能在这里交到朋友!我的邮箱:xzqsr2010@gmail.com 。可以找我练习汉语哦~ 😊!

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