Deep south

I'm a jack of all trades of sorts.

Programing is not one of my trades. I've dabbled, but I consider myself a novice. I do often mess around with Excel formulas at work and for fun (solving problems). I've also created worked with Android Studio at a very basic level.

Flying: I fly airplanes. Sometimes they have wheels, sometimes they have floats. Sometimes they have one engine, sometimes they have more. And sometimes, a tailwheel.

Scuba: I don't often go scuba diving anymore, but when I do I prefer to do it in the Caribbean.

Rock Climbing: Mostly in the southwest part of the US. However, more and more I now do it indoors.

Sailing: Because its similar to flying airplanes, except without the fuel bill.

Gardening... yes, gardening. Because every man must know how to garden and cultivate the land. Because it will be a useful skill after the zombies destroy civilization.

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