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Sao Paulo, Brazil

OBJECTIVE Principal Software Engineer - Front End: Looking for a technical leadership position in Front End Development. Strong focus in software architecture and design, to deliver high quality and maintainable products that scale and perform when held against highest quality industry standards. Looking for a remote position accommodates working from São Paulo/Brazil to an US or European company.

QUALIFICATIONS Throughout my career I always focused on user experience and human-computer interaction. Alongside expertise with browser technologies (desktop, mobile and embedded) I was able to participate and build entire Front End teams to deliver high quality software. Always praised for technical excellence I recently focused on coaching and improving soft skills to become a great technical leader. In recent projects I was also a key contributor to API design, distributed applications architecture refinement and from replacing legacy Front End codebases with state of the art Single Page Applications that allow for rich interactions and high user engagement. I am also very focused on Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and application infrastructure, such as complex build systems that empower developers to be highly productive without hindering application performance or software quality.