Abhishek Sha



Engineering Student in the field of Information Technology, with a knack for anything related to the technology, computing, programming, gaming and gadgets. So yes, I am a geek and I often get asked to fix computers.

I am a self learner and I like to learn by hacking.

Not a great coder, but anything I code is done with passion for that technology and not just because I have to or I can do. I love the concept of creating rich experiences and making life a whole lot easier by instructing the machine to your whims and fancies.

Application Developer for the Windows 8 and Windows Phone platforms and a Microsoft Student Partner.

I own an Droid and hence most of life would already be wasted flashing new ROMs and restoring backups iPhone 5.

Avid Twitter-er too and all around a nice person.

Oh, and an extremely proud owner of the PlayStation 3 and the Google Nexus 7. Also I love these genre of games - RTS, Action, FPS and Simulation.

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PM: abhishek.sha@hotmail.com

(Actually, you'd better follow me on Twitter!)