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Amano Sumi


I am just a normal teen and just like every other teen, I have my own preferences and just like every other teen, I have my own personality. Generally, I love books. What I mean by 'generally', is that there is a certain kind of books that I like (like every other teen). I love watching anime and I'm starting to read mangas. I also write stories online a platform called Storybird which I highly recommend for original stories. Aside from reading, watching and writing, I also like drawing and I usually draw characters from my favourite animes. My favourite by far is Kuroko no Basuke and Kimi no Na Wa but I've watched a lot more. I am also a ginormous fan of Hanyu Yuzuru, world figure skating champion!! My friends consider me a generally happy person and even "too enthu" sometimes. I love puns and food and books and food and anime and food and YH and food and did I forget to mention food? Oh well. Love you !! 😘😘