Avnish Kabaj


My name is not Avnish Kabaj. It's just a fake name which I use sometimes.

For some reason I have a feeling you all are pronouncing the surname as 'cabbage'.
$$\mathrm{\color{red}{ DO NOT PRONOUNCE IT AS CABBAGE}}$$
The correct pronunciation is .
\begin{align} \text{Av} &\rightarrow \text{Uv}\\ \text{Ni} &\rightarrow \text{Knee}\\ \text{Sh} &\rightarrow \text{Sh}\\ \text{Ka} &\rightarrow \text{Kuh}\\ \text{Baj} &\rightarrow \text{Badge}\\ \end{align}

The picture is a self portrait. Missing nose, eyes,spectacles. Not that I don't have them. It's just that I suck at drawing them

You can reach me at avataryakshiny(at) gmail.

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